Design your Safari:

-Choose your dates

-Do you want to add additional days to your Donation days ?

Pay your Deposit:

-A $1000 deposit per person confirms  your days on our booking sheet

​this money will be deducted from your final bill at the end of your safari.

Book your Flghts:

-You need to fly into OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg (JNB) where Wild Wildebeest Safaris Professional Hunters will meet you upon arrival

- Delta Airlines and South African Airlines have direct flights from Atlanta, Georgia

-South African Airlines have direct flight from Washington DC or New York

-Flight through Europe are not advisable if you are traveling wit

Passports - There are no special passport or entry requirements for US Citizens entering South Africa

-Make sure your passport is valid for 6 months after your expected date of return with 5 empty pages

​-Please check with your airline for any airline requirements

Complete your Wild Wildebeest Safaris Documentation:

-You will receive a WIld Wildebeest Safaris Client Questionaire and Indemnity Form via Email

-Please complete the forms and return to Jorika  as soon as possible jorila@wildwildebeestsafarisw.com with a copy of your passport info page and your flight itinerary

Spend time on the shooting range:

-We strongly recommend you spend enough time on the shooting range to ensure your success- getting used to shooting sticks and different shooting positions

Getting your Rifle into South Africa:

-Should you decide to use your own rifles, we recommend you use Henry Durrheim from Rifle Permits to assist you with Temporary Importation of your rifle into South Africa

- Henry's contact detals:  henry@riflepermits.co.za

- Should you want to bring your own rifle you will need an invitation letter from us at Wild Wildebeest Safaris

- Rifles are available for renting

Health Requirements:

Please consult your Doctor.  Ask your Doctor about Hepatites A & B and Tetanus Shots before visiting South Africa.  

What to bring:

2 long sleeve shirts

2 short sleeve shirts

2 long pants

2 shorts

1 hunting jacket

1 rain coat

1 warm sweater/sweatshirt

4 sets underwear

6 pairs of good wool socks

2 pair rubber soles walking shoes/hunting boots

1 pair gloves

1 pair comforable shoes to wear around lodge


Camera with extra SD Cards

Small flashlight

Rifle or Bow 


Medication and toiletries

Sunscreen, lip balm insect repellent

Dark Green or brown Camo Hat 

Dark Green or brown, khaki,  Camo

Cigarettes and or tobacco if needed

Planning your Safari

Members of

Planning your Safari

Thanks for Choosing Wild Wildebeest Safaris!

Below is just a few things that may help in Planning your Trip to South Africa.

If you any further questions, please feel free to send us a email to jorika@wildwildebeestsafaris.com. We look forward to seeing you!