What airlines should I use ?

We recommend a direct flight.. Delta, South Africa Airways have direct flights out of Atlanta, Washington and New York. KLM, Air France and United Airlines have flights over Europe.  Note:  if bringing your own Rifles its not advisable to travel through Europe.

What Caliber of rifle should I bring ? Ammo ?

We recommend a 270 or larger for Plains Game, a 375 or larger is required for Dangerous Game.  Practice- Practice- Practice.  A good quality bullet is recommended such as Barnes Tsx, Hornady etc.

Is it hard to get my Rifle thru Customs?

No, as long as the Saps Form (paper work) is filled out correctly.  We recommend a service that can help you get your rifles "pre-approved" and help you get expediated thru customs.  You can also rent Rifles from us

Any recommendations for Bowhunters?

Preferrably a draw weight 65-70lbs, 50 lbs min. Cut on impact broadheads such as G5 Montec, Steelhead, Muzzy ir Slicktrick all work well.  Shots are usually 30 yards max.  Bring at least a dozen arrows.  For dangerous game 80lbs with an arrow that must generate 90 foot lbs of energy

Do I need to bring alot of clothes?

No, laundry is done Daily so no need to overpack

What currency is used in South Arica?

South African Rand- U.S dollars can be exchanged in the U.S. to Rand at most major banks, or at the South Africa Airport upon arrival

Is there Cell Service at the lodge?

yes, we do have cell and internet service at the lodge with your own devices.  Make sure you contact your cell service provider to get set up before your arrive in South Africa

Do I need a electric converter for my U.S. devices/

South Africa's power supply us 220v (U.S. IS 110v) .  US devices such as air dryers and curling irons will not work in South Afirca.  All rooms are equipped with a hair dryer.  Electric converters are available to charge cell phones and note pads.

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